Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Amazing Rafael Lopes

This video of Rafael Lopes, in its raw form, has been floating around the internet for quite some time, but you have never seen it quite like this.  Smiling Angel Creations has done some awesome editing on it, and gave it a new life.  Rafael's Cariocan accent is so thick, I can only understand about one word for every five that he says.  He seems to be telling a joke. Here then is Rafael Lopes in all his blazing, inimitable, irrepressible, bubbly, effervescent, and unstoppable glory.  Enjoy!


  1. I want to know what he's saying.

    1. He says:
      "Are you kidding? Damn! Oh, well, Bia, as always, fat as she is, came and told me that... No, she didn't told me that... But she let me with this fucking machine. And then, I started wondering in my mind if some street child come and take it, what should I say to her. A boy came and asked where was she. Then, I sad that Bia went to the grocery store to buy some brigadeiro (brazillian candy). Is it (the video) not finished yet? What a shit, guy. There is a lot of people here in the streets. It (the video, again) will not be successful. It won't be successful!!! Damn, point me (in the camera)! You have to point me! Point me, please. One more thing: I know she laughs on it, but... she said I should be a comedian. Then... CARROT PICKLES!!! HAHAHA!!! CAROT PICKLES 2!!! CAROT PICKLES... 7!!!" Then, the girl says "Now, say something to me." and the boy says playfully "Bia, I hate you. Your fat! It's time to end it (the video), don't you think it? There are a lot of street childs walking around here. It (the video) is not going to work."