Wednesday, November 30, 2011

El Niño Jesus │ A Very Special Holiday Presentation

In this very special edition of  Angelfire Love, I am presenting Tony Croatto's magnificent composition, "El Niño Jesus".  This song tells the story of the Boy Jesus visiting a party on Christmas Eve, playing his maracas.  At first He is rejected by the party-goers, but His true self is finally recognized, and He is accepted by them, and brought into the festivities.  It is a very moving story.  Tony Croatto, who was originally from Italy, made quite a name for himself in Puerto Rico, as an aficionado and promoter of Jibaro music. Tony Croatto passed away in Puerto Rico on April 3, 2005.  Please click on the video widgets below to watch three different videos of "El Niño Jesus".  The top-most video of Tony Croatto singing "El Niño Jesus" is extremely rare, and I had a very difficult time finding it on the internet.  The version of "El Niño Jesus" on the very bottom is sung by the great José Feliciano.  Please click on this link to purchase an MP3 of José Feliciano's version of "El Niño Jesus" from  El Niño Jesus - José Feliciano


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  2. Hi Pascal,

    I really love this song and the videos.

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